How 2-year-olds Learn to Ride the Mini Micro Kickboard Scooter

Sep 17, 2021 9:41:56 AM Julie H. Buying Guide, Just For Fun


The Learning Curve



      Our 2-year-old model after mastering the Mini during a photo shoot with her 5-year-old sister riding the Maxi 

Photo Credits: MC Covington 

Maybe you’ve noticed 2-year-olds riding the Mini Micro at your local park and were surprised to see such little people riding such little scooters. If you have a 2-year-old, it’s natural to wonder if they might be ready to ride, and what the typical learning curve looks like.


During a recent photo shoot, our two-year old-model was just learning how to ride the Mini. We later realized that the photos we took that day captured some of the stages of learning, and decided to share.


On the day of the shoot, our Mini Model’s Mom told us her daughter had not yet ridden the Mini. She had received it very recently for a 2nd birthday gift, but so far had preferred to push it around the house backwards, holding on to the hand grips of the T-bar. This is actually a common first interaction with the Mini and at the start of the shoot, our 2-year old spent about 20 minutes playing with the Mini; she pushed it, picked it up and turned it around. 


Her next step was to stand over the Mini, with one foot on either side of it. She seemed pleased with this progress and maintained the position for quite a long time, posing in several different spots. 

One foot on either side of the Mini deck






     After some time spent standing over the Mini, our model placed a foot directly on the deck.

One foot ON the deck, then another pause to enjoy some nature!




Soon after, she decided to take the big step and push off, or 'kick' to move herself forward



And in the next moment - our Mini model is scooting!




A few moments later she appears to be preparing to stop

IMG_3012 copy


One of the nice things about the Mini’s child-friendly design is that the deck is just 1 inch from the ground, making it easy for young children to confidently hop off, or put a foot down, to stop. They will eventually learn to stop using the spoon brake in back, but it's also good for children to learn how to simply step off when they want to stop, as shown here. 


Calmly stepping off the Mini to stop


And she's off again, ready to explore! 



Breaktime - a visit to Tweed, a favorite children’s store in Holland, MI that carries Micro




#BallerinasRideMicro - our models get a wardrobe change sparking some sibling antics 



The Lean-to-steer Method of Turning is characteristic of the Kickboard-style ride that Micro introduced back in 1999. It involves the rider shifting their weight slightly to one side, which casues the scooter to gently turn in that direction; if the rider leans left, the scooter curves left. This steering style creates a more stable ride for beginners but as riders develop more advanced weight-shifting skills, this turning style is also more fun, allowing riders to curve right and left, back and forth as they ride, similar to a skateboard style ride, but with much more control. 

This weight-shifting skill is one they will use throughout life, in skiing, golf, surfing, and other sports. For now, learning this skill helps children develop balance, coordination and confidence!


New Mini riders usually start by riding straight ahead 



Our Mini rider gently leans and curves to the left as she intuitively

learns the Lean-to-Steer method



Only a few (concentrated) hours later, the initial learning curve is complete; our 2-year old is happily riding her Mini. It seems somewhat miraculous to us, but even young children don’t necessarily require ‘instruction’ when learning to ride, just oversight and patience. Kids really seem to enjoy the process of learning to ride the Mini Micro kickboard scooter, and we hope  parents will enjoy it too! 




Last but but not least - we all know that big sisters show little sisters how things get done! Our model's big sister also had a day of learning - she transitioned beautifully to the next size scooter, the Maxi, for ages 5 to 12, while also being very patient as her little sister learned to ride the Mini.


Big Sister added to the fun and was proud to be riding the Maxi while patiently helping little sis learn to ride. 



Safety Certification - The Mini Micro is  a kickboard-style scooter (3-wheels in front, utilising Lean-to-Steer ) and is designed for age 2 up to age 5. The next size up, the Micro Maxi is also a kickboard-style ride, for ages 5 to 12. The quality on both models is exceptional and both are safety certified by the US CPSC according to standards set by the ASTM. 


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