All-New DTLA Scooter Lock

Apr 29, 2019 2:19:47 PM Ali H. Insider, Buying Guide

The rise in electric scooter popularity over the past few years has brought a massive wave of convenient, last-mile transport solutions. Along with those solutions come opportunities for advancement, many of which can be found in our latest e-scooters. With features like cruise control, automatic lights, and folding mechanisms, electric scooters are better than ever.


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We've chosen the perfect lock that brings tech and quality to the forefront if its design. We’re excited to partner with DTLA Bikes to now offer Bluetooth Scooter Locks. Receive a DTLA Bluetooth Scooter Lock (value $109.99) with the purchase of a Micro Merlin scooter while supplies last.


Why this lock?

Created in Downtown LA by DTLA Bikes, this lock was designed to withstand theft in downtown Los Angeles, and beyond. With this setting in mind, the Bluetooth Scooter Lock was designed to be lightweight, easy to carry, and able to withstand lock intrusion.


What’s included?

Included with the DTLA Bluetooth Scooter Lock is the lock, a charging cable, mounting bracket, and instruction manual.


What makes this lock special?

This Bluetooth Scooter Lock is hack-proof, and offers keyless entry. No more keeping track of tiny keys. Just use your smartphone to unlock your scooter! It’s compatible with Android and iPhone.


Easily recharge with the included USB charging cable. Don’t worry! It's easy to check if your battery is running low. Simply see the indicator in the app. You won't have to check often, as you'll get up to 3 months per charge!





Some of the best features of the DTLA Bluetooth Scooter Lock are the ability to set a custom access code, and the temporary and revocable sharing option. With this lock, you can allow a friend to borrow your scooter & lock without the worry of forever-access. Simply share access temporarily!

With a silicon coating that protects against corrosion and frame damage, you can be sure that your lock is long-lasting and secure.



We're excited to offer this smart-lock to our Micro Friends and look forward to giving you more freedom to ride. If you've been considering the Merlin, this lock puts its value over the edge. With your purchase, receive one DTLA Bluetooth Scooter Lock while supplies last.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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