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Nov 4, 2019 9:38:03 AM Ali H. Insider, Gift Guides

The holiday season is coming in hot, and here at Micro HQ, we know how crazy it can get! With so many people to shop for and things to do, many like to check their list off early. We’re here to help! Our Micro Kickboard Early Shopper Sale is happening NOW (Nov. 2-10) to help you stock up on gifts that are guaranteed to bring big smiles under the tree.


For a limited time, take 30% off our Original line! Here’s what you can shop during our sale:




Micro Mini Original: was $79.95 now $55.99


Our original best seller and the scooter that made Micro a household name, the Micro Mini is our award-winning ride for ages 2-5. This scooter is not only a total blast that can be ridden inside and out (thank you, non-marking wheels!) but it also assists in the development of essential balance and coordination skills. Can’t get better, right? Surprise! It definitely can.


The Mini’s Swiss design offers a few big-time perks: First, they’re virtually indestructible. These scooters were built to last and are made with superior materials and magic (aka Swiss engineering) to keep them sturdy and stable. Second, with its modular construction, every part is replaceable. So, should Aunt Jean accidentally back her car over your scooter after the next family gathering (yikes) we can help! The last benefit we’ll mention is likely the most important: our lean-to-steer riding style. Innovators of this style of ride, it’s one of the most-loved parts of Micro. You can read more about how it works in this blog post, but this mechanism is what makes it possible for babies and toddlers to master our scooters, plus it’s what makes riding our 3-wheelers so fun. In short, it’s the bee’s knees. A bonus is the Mini's smooth glide - we love to mention it because often when people test our scooters it is the first thing they mention: "This thing is so smooth!"


Maxi Original Scooter 30% off Early Shopper Micro Kickboard Sale

Micro Maxi Original: was $129.99 now $89.99


Another one of our classics, we often call the Maxi a “wonder scooter.” If you love to geek out over design anomalies, check the specs of this scooter. Starting at 35 lbs (around age 5) kids can properly maneuver the Maxi, and with its bulked up lean-to-steer mechanism, it supports riders through 110 lbs. Don’t mistake its third wheel for a training wheel! While it does offer a stable ride for younger riders, the Maxi’s third wheel is what allows older kids to curve and carve on their scooters, offering them a chance to surf the sidewalk. It's fun to see how much they enjoy it!


The Maxi Original comes packed with all of the same Swiss design & innovation benefits as the Mini Original. It’s the next step up for older kids, and also includes an adjustable T-bar that can grow with your child. Our recommended placement of the handle bars is between the lower rib cage and belly button!




We’re thrilled to kick off Micro’s holiday celebration a bit early for all of our early shoppers out there. Secure these sale prices + get free shipping on your order when you use code: EARLY at checkout!

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