The Micro Merlin: The Best Electric Scooter on the Market Today

Oct 3, 2018 3:24:49 PM Ali H.

Electric scooters are popping up everywhere these days, from California to Washington DC. But not all scooters are made equal! We’re introducing the cream of the crop-- and it’s surprisingly affordable. Wondering why everyone is buzzing about the Micro Merlin? Read on!

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GRIPS: The first thing you’ll notice when hopping on the Micro Merlin is how comfortable the hand grips are. The Merlin’s ergonomic grips have been specially designed for long-lasting comfort while riding. You may be thinking “grips are just grips, right?” Wrong! Your grips are one of two contact points you have with your scooter, so comfort is essential. These contoured rubber grips check all of your comfort boxes! Designers took their cue from mountain bikes, whose grips take lots of wear and tear, while maintaining their excellence. While your Merlin may not be tackling back trails, your hands will thank you for the ride, whether it be across town, to the office, or across the block for class.


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AUTOMATIC LIGHTS: The Merlin’s front and back LED lights are automatic: the only of its kind among scooters. Other models either don’t have both lights, or require you to manually turn them on. Pulling over just to turn on lights? We decided you’re better than that. All you need is dim lighting to trigger our LED lights and… let there be light! We put safety first. We know it’s important to see and be seen on the road!


SOLID RUBBER TIRES: Pros: Durable, long lasting, no chance of puncture, built in suspension to handle bumps, and no need to maintain PSI, meaning more time to do fun stuff. Cons: Well, we actually can’t think of any ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


CRUISE CONTROL: Don’t feel like holding down the throttle for the duration of your ride? We’ve got something for that! Turn on the Merlin's cruise control if you’ve got a straightforward ride and simply want to lean back (not too far!) and enjoy it.


LIGHT WEIGHT: The Merlin weighs about half that of other electric scooters, while maintaining great range and durability. No compromises here! Sitting pretty at 25 lbs, the Merlin is the perfect size to handle bumps, yet you won’t break a sweat bringing it onto public transport or up to your office.


Merlin Graphic_ Light weight


GREAT RANGE: While other scooters compromise on weight vs distance, the Merlin sits right in the sweet spot. Comparable or even slightly better than its competition, the Merlin’s range is up to 15 miles, depending on how flat or hilly the terrain is. And that’s just one-way! Bring your charger to get full range again on the way home for another 15.


QUICK CHARGING: You don’t have to leave your Merlin to charge overnight. In fact, you might not even have time to nap! The Merlin completes a full recharge in under 3 hours. But wait it gets even better, if your battery is at 25% it takes just an hour to fully recharge.


REGENERATIVE BRAKING: Another area where the Micro Merlin rises above the crowd is in its regenerative braking system. In both the front wheel and rear wheel brakes, the Merlin harnesses the energy created when you brake, then adds it to your battery life. Get a charge while riding? Why not!


Merlin Graphic_ Regenerative Braking


SPEED: The 15 mph mark is the general consensus on a maximum safe speed for electric scooters. Your Merlin electric scooter can deliver you to your destination at 15.5 mph, making it almost 8 times faster than walking. Your commute doesn’t stand a chance!


LARGE SUPPLY: While the concentration of other e-scooter companies is focused on ride-share, drastically lowering the supply available for purchase, the Merlin is available for all right now.


SIMILAR OPERATION TO OTHER SCOOTERS: There’s been a lot of comparison in this post, but we don’t mean to knock other popular scooter companies. In fact, it’s great that they are introducing so many to the fun and convenience of scooting! If you’ve ridden a ride-share scooter in your city, then you’re familiar with their acceleration and braking mechanisms. What’s great about the Merlin is that it operates in the same way. If you liked your experience on other e-scooters, you’ll be sure to love riding your Merlin!


SUSPENSION: This is a smooth ride! The built-in suspension of the Merlin electric scooter is unrivaled. Real riders have said that compared to other models, the Merlin’s suspension makes a huge difference, giving it the figurative gold medal for smoothest ride. From the deck, to the solid rubber tires, the Merlin has been specifically engineered to reduce the feel of bumps: allowing you to simply enjoy the ride.


Merlin Graphic_ Built In Suspension


FOLDS EASILY: The Merlin’s foot-engaged folding mechanism might just be the best part of the scooter. With the tap of a toe and a sturdy grip, you can easily fold your Merlin to half its size. Hold the handlebars, and keep moving while rolling your Merlin onto an escalator, elevator, or the train. Ready to ride again? It’s effortless to pop your Merlin back into standing position, get on, and go!


DISPLAY SCREEN: While the Merlin offers a breeze with each ride, look between your hands on the T bar to find the temperature. The LED display also offers insight to battery life, speed, and even helps you keep track of your trips with an odometer!


PRICE POINT: With all of the added technology of the Merlin, it rests at a competitive price point of only $799. The Merlin is the quality choice when it comes to the safety, comfort, and durability of your electric scooter. 


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WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: "The Merlin is by far my favorite! Out of the box it's is easy to set up and charge for your first ride. The instructions are clear and simple. It's a tad heavier than a regular Micro scooter but just as portable! Fit easily in the back of my car. Great for a quick ride down at the beach or on an adventure with my son on his mini (he can go so fast the Merlin helps me keep up!)

The Merlin is easy to unfold and an extremely smooth ride. It's also a quiet electric scooter! Often people didn't realize it was electric when I cruised by. I love the lights on it, display screen, adjustable handle, and easy braking system. This scooter is so much fun! - Laurie ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


"I have used the Merlin e-scooter for different types of commutes - scooter only as well as subway and commuter rail. The scooter folds to a size that is train rack friendly (even narrow commuter rail ones) which has allowed me to get to suburban towns in the Boston-area that most people couldn't imagine traveling to other than by car.

I love the scooter's suspension thanks to the flexible deck and rubber tires. The scooter is smaller and less heavy than many on the market (including the shared scooters) but just as powerful and capable of navigating bumpy road conditions thanks to thick, mountain-bike like, tires. Well done Micro engineers!" - Sophie ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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The Micro Merlin is the best electric scooter on the market today. It integrates well on campus, on your commute, or simply around your neighborhood! We're proud to continue to offer the quality choice in scooters, whether it be an electric or manual kick scooter. Before taking your Merlin out for a ride, be sure to check your city's laws and regulations regarding electric scooters. We can't wait to see you roll the world!